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Life is sweet, come in and grab a treat. Stop by and grab something for you and a friend to sweeten up the day, or order a batch for an event or occasion.



Éclair – A sweet pate a choux dough filled with a creamy vanilla custard crème topped with a rich chocolate ganache

Salted Caramel Éclair  A sweet pate a choux dough sprinkled with a rock sugar filled with a swirl of our homemade caramel and Chantilly cream

Cream Horn  A flaky puff pastry roll filled with a creamy French buttercream filling dipped at the ends with dark chocolate dusted with powdered sugar

Chocolate Covered Cannoli

Regular Cannoli


Cheesecake – Graham cracker crust swirled with either blueberry or strawberry jam or our caramel crème

Hazelnut Cookie Sandwich  A sweet French buttercream and dollop of Nutella sandwiched between two hazelnut cookies dipped in a hazelnut and chocolate ganache

Salted Caramel Bon Bon – A marble cake mixed with a caramel swirl cream encased in a dark chocolate shell and drizzled with caramel sauce

Pasticiotti  A small pie filled with our house made custard cream

Limoncello Bon Bon – Lemon cake mixed with a lemon mousse and lemon jam encased in a white chocolate shell.

Red Velvet Bon Bon – Chocolate cake mixed with our sweet fudge filling and cream cheese mousse crumbed in our Red Velvet cake.

Rum BaBa – A brioche-like pastry soaked in a rum syrup and filled with custard and topped with a tart cherry

Rum Delicioso  A sponge cake soaked in rum layered between vanilla and chocolate custard sandwiched between two vanilla cookies and rolled in crumbled sponge cake crumbs topped with powdered sugar and cocoa

Oreo Brownie  A rich dense chocolate brownie topped with a light cream cheese mousse and crushed Oreo pieces drizzled with white chocolate

Chocolate Fudge Brownie  A rich dense chocolate brownie topped with a thin fudge layer and finished with a chocolate ganache sprinkled with mini chocolate chips

Apollo  A flaky pastry filled with a creamy mascarpone cream drizzled with chocolate and dusted with a powdered sugar

French Macarons  A colorful meringue-like cookie filled with assorted flavored creams and jams

Tiramisu  A layered sponge cake soaked with coffee and coffee liquor with a creamy mascarpone mousse topped with cocoa powder

Zeppole – (Seasonal dessert) A sweet dough fried and filled with either ricotta mousse or custard and tart cherries. Dusted with powdered sugar

Fresh Fruit Tart  A vanilla crust filled with a creamy custard and sponge cake layer topped with assorted fresh fruit and glaze

Strawberry Almond Tart  An almond crust filled with a cream cheese mousse and white cake topped with fresh strawberries and sprinkled with sliced almonds

Chocolate Berry Tart  A chocolate crust filled with a whipped chocolate mousse and chocolate cake topped with fresh raspberries and blackberries sprinkled with white chocolate shavings

Coconut and Caramel Tart  A chocolate crust layered with caramel cream and chocolate cake, finished with a chocolate ganache topping sprinkled with crumbled coconut and caramel drizzle

Carrot Cake - A spiced cake with carrots, walnuts, and raisins, cream cheese frosting

Fudge Cake A chocolate cake with layers of a rich fudge filling

Fruit Cake A yellow sponge cake with layers of fresh strawberries and peaches fresh chantilly with cream filling

Ricotta Cake A yellow sponge cake soaked with a simple syrup layered with a fresh ricotta mousse

Chocolate Mousse Cake A chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse

Rum Cake A yellow sponge cake soaked in a rum syrup and layered with vanilla and chocolate custard

French Vanilla Raspberry Swirl Cake - French vanilla raspberry swirl cake layered with a creamy raspberry mousse topped with a tart raspberry jam

Lemon Cake - A lemon cake layered between lemon mousse and a thin layer of lemon jam

Opera Cake - A sponge cake soaked in coffee and coffee liquor with layers of French buttercream and a rich chocolate ganache

Tuxedo Cake - A marble cake drizzled with a coffee liquor with a layer of white chocolate mousse and dark chocolate mousse

Strawberry Champagne - A white cake soaked with champagne layered with a light chantilly cream and strawberry mousse

Napoleon Cake A vanilla and chocolate chantilly cream layered between sheets of flaky puff pastry

White Chocolate Raspberry Cake - A marble cake layered with a white chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries and topped with a white chocolate ganache

Oreo Cookie Cake - A chocolate cake with whipped frosting and pieces of crushed Oreo’s 

Peanut Butter Mousse Cake - A chocolate cake filled with peanut butter mousse and topped with our sweet caramel sauce

Red Velvet Cake Red velvet cake filled with cream cheese mousse

Pineapple Coconut Cake White cake with layers of pineapple jam and coconut mousse. Topped with shredded coconut

Almond Raspberry White cake layered with tart raspberry jam and a Zabaglione (sweet wine) cream topped with shaved almonds

Drunken Monkey Chocolate cake soaked in rum and layered with banana and chocolate mousse with a chocolate cookie crust bottom

Sfogliatella - A flaky dough stuffed with an orange cinnamon flavored sweet custard filling (weekends only)

Pockets - A half-moon shaped pie crust filled with a choice of a cinnamon apple, raspberry, or guava filling

Turnovers - A puff pastry triangle double filled with a choice of blueberry, cherry, or apple fillings

Danish - A sweet dough topped with a choice of cherry, cheese, blueberry, or apple

Cinnamon Twist - A flaky puff pastry dough twisted with a cinnamon spread

Raspberry Twist - A flaky puff pastry dough twisted with a sweet raspberry jam

Raspberry Elephant Ear - Puff pastry swirled with a raspberry jam

Cinnamon Elephant Ear - Puff pastry swirled with a cinnamon spread.

Apple and Cranberry Tart - An open-faced pie filled with a cranberry and apple jelly

Linzer Tart - An almond cookie filled with a raspberry jam and dusted with powdered sugar

Fig Square - A pie dough filled with a thick layer of fig filling

Pretzel with Lemon Icing - A puff pastry twisted into a pretzel and dipped into a sweet lemon icing and sprinkled with colorful non-perils

Hot Coffee:

*Can Add Flavored Syrup

  • Regular
  • Decaf

Italian Hot Coffee:

*Can Add Flavored Syrup

  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Americano
  • Mocha
  • Black Eye

Tea and Hot Chocolate:

  • Black Tea
  • Decaf Tea
  • Earl Grey
  • Hot Chocolate

Cold Drinks:

  • Flavored San Pellegrino
  • Coca-Cola
  • Water
  • Milk 


Stop by and make your day better with pastries from us, or place an order for you, your friends, an event or occasion.